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January 2019 Blog - When I Grow Up

Updated: Jan 23, 2019

Hey guys, I can't believe that January starts our 4th year at Go Kids. It has been a fun, action packed journey and I really want to say thank you to everyone that has been part of making it such a success.

This term I want to focus on what the kids think about growing up. Personally, I couldn't wait to be "a grown up" and now I'm at that stage, I would like to slow that process down a bit!

We have been doing improvisations and having discussions about what being a grown up involves, and what it takes to be a successful adult.

It really freaked me out to read recently that more than 75% children want to be You-tubers or online stars. I felt the need to open up a discussion with the kids I work with about what they consider to be a good job. I was interested to see what their opinions might be.

We all spoke about sticking in at school, getting qualifications and making money. The conversation also covered making friends, helping people and being happy.

We had a few wannabe doctors, teachers, palaeontologists and even a few personal trainers and make-up artists. Of course we had a few Real Madrid players and pop band members, but we came to the conclusion that no matter the path we take in life the most important thing is that we need to make sure we are happy and we work hard to make our dreams happen.

My advice is not to put too much pressure on children. Some people have their lives planned out from a young age, others have it planned out for them. I think we should work hard, play hard and try as many new activities as we can until we find the things that make us happy.

When a child attends a drama class they often get asked "When will I see you on TV?". When they pick up a tennis racket they are going to be the next Andy Murray and an hour at the ice rink sees them becoming the next Torvill and Dean. I know people see this as banter but I really think that we should just let young people try new things in a stress and pressure free environment.

January is a 3 week month at Go Kids. You can pay fees on the online store or at class. Please get in touch to discuss sibling discount or anything else regarding fees.

Have a great week!

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