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Updated: Jul 9, 2021

This term has all been about what we will do in the future. We have discussed what life will be like for us in our life time and we even made a time capsule style video that we can look back on in a few years to remind us and tell others what life was like for us in 2019.

We chatted about famous pop stars, video games, movie stars and even a bit of Brexit and current affairs. We seen that most of the kids could tell us all about YouTube, Instagram and were all clued up on Fortinte and the latest computer games and technology. I will share the videos with you guys next week, this will be a nice keepsake to look back at. The videos were really a way of us encouraging them to speak clearly and fluently.

Some of the kids took to it like their favourite Youtubers. A few of them got a bit nervous and didn’t seem comfortable. Making the kids more confident is really my main mission and the reason I started Go Kids. Having the confidence to speak in public really is an essential life skill. It will help them in their school careers and beyond.

Here are a few tips to make your child feel confident.

1 – Try not to speak for them. If they know you are there to finish their sentences, they will really let you do it. I often meet new kids and try to speak to them only to have their parent chip in with every answer. I know they are trying to help but it's not an effective way encouraging them to speak for themselves.

2 - STOP introducing your child as shy. I meet a huge number of parents at classes and parties who introduce themselves and they say, “This is Garry, he’s very shy”. I think this is a horrible way to introduce someone. Imagine someone introduced you and used your weaknesses to describe you. I’m sure you would tell them off for introducing you in such a negative way.

3– Don’t compare them to their siblings, friends or family members. They are all individuals and this really won’t help. In all honesty it can cause problems and resentment.

4 – Lead by example. Make sure you practise what you preach, be clear, make good eye contact and be honest with them that nobody is perfect. We all get a bit unsure or nervous at times but the important thing is making sure they know this is normal.

I am not trying to preach or tell you that I know everything about kids. But I do get to meet loads of different families and find that these 4 points are really helpful in bringing out the best in the young people I work with.

Have a great weekend!

Garry 😊

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